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Petrol Limited

Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine Vehicles with Capacity upto 6.3L and Forced induction petrol vehicles (either turbocharged or supercharged) with capacity upto 3.5L.

Petrol Unlimited

Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine Vehicles with Capacity 6.4L and over, and Forced induction petrol vehicles (either turbocharged or supercharged) with capacity 3.6L and over


All diesel vehicles

Date, Time and Place

Benaraby Dragway – 177 Jono Porter Drive, Benaraby 4680 Queensland

Saturday November 7th 2020. Racing to start Approximately 1.00 p.m. and to finish into the evening by 10:00pm depending on number of entrants. Gates open from 8:00 am. Entrants encouraged to arrive at track in the morning a few hours before racing to allow sufficient time for scrutineering. In line with Covid requirements, all spectators and entrants should maintain the required social distancing. Groups of spectators and entrants are encouraged to keep number in groups small and to keep separated from other groups of people. Anyone with flu/covid like symptoms should not attend the event and should follow directions and testing requirements in line with Queensland Government Recommendations. Hand Sanitizing stations will be available at the event and all spectators and entrants are encouraged to regularly utilize these facilities.

Eligible vehicles

Dobinsons “King of the strip 4wd drag night” is restricted to 4wd vehicles only (4wd vehicles with a transfercase / centre-locking diff / high low range etc). Awd and AWD-SUV vehicles such as Ford Territory, Subarbu Imprezza, WRX, Forester, Outlander etc are prohibited. If unsure please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.

Vehicle requirements

Vehicles are subject to Andra General Requirements. The entrant is responsible for ensuring the vehicle complies and is safe to race. Some Basic information can be found below. For vehicles expected to run faster than 11.00 seconds the entrant should read the rulebook located on the Andra website for clarification of further requirements.


Vehicle should be in good working order and free from any oil, fuel or coolant leaks. Chassis must be in good condition and free from structural defects and excessive rust.

Crankline Centre Heights

Maximum crankshaft centreline heights are listed as below (measured from centre of crankshaft to ground).

  • 36 inches / 915mm for vehicles running 12.00 seconds 1/4 mile / 7.64 seconds 1/8 mile and slower.
  • 31 inches / 785mm for vehicles running 11.99 to 10.00 seconds 1/4 mile / 7.63 to 6.36 seconds 1/8 mile.
  • 24 inches / 610mm for vehicles running 9.99 seconds 1/4 mile / 6.35 seconds 1/8 mile and quicker.

All measurements are to be made from level ground with racing pressure in the tyres.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires should be in good condition. Tires must not have any cord or belt showing and tread depth must exceed the minimum tread depth indicator. All wheels must not have any missing wheel nuts.

Nitrous Oxide

Vehicles using Nitrous Oxide systems must comply with the Andra regulation in the rulebook located on the Andra website.

Suspension, Brakes and Steering Suspension

Brakes and steering systems must be in good working order. Brake pads should have sufficient pad depth. All suspension parts, linkages and steering boxes, pumps and linkages should be in good condition and free from excess free-play.


For all turbocharged vehicles that are not fitted with at least 1 muffler the exhaust tip must have 2 bolts 3/8” or 10mm in diameter drilled and installed across the diameter of the exhaust tip at 90 degrees to each other to prevent the exit of debris in the event of a turbine failure.

Clothing and driver license requirements

All entrants racing on the day are required to wear long pants, enclosed shoes and a helmet. Helmets such as motorcycle helmets can be used and should be in good condition, less than 10 years old and should be free from defects.

Race Formats

A “Chicago Shootout” race format will be used where by each entrant has 3 qualifying runs and 3 elimination runs allowing a 6 runs for each competitor. Finals for each class will then follow.


Class winner $400

Class Runner up $200

Class Fastest E.T. $300

Overall Fastest “Kettle” E.T. (TD42 nissan patrol powered vehicles)

Entry Fees and Nomination for Entrants

$150 total to race. This covers Day license as well as required insurances for the race meet and entry fees. Nominations are to be made at www.benarabydragway.com with entry fees paid online.

Spectators - $20 entry. Kids and Pensioners Free.

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Massive thanks to Danny and the boys from the Holden Hill store for the last minute hook up for a kit on my 80 series. The boys looked at my needs and organised a kit that can handle my driving style and weight and matched a kit perfectly to it, as well as getting it to me before the Easter weekend!

The service was great and the boys definitely know what they're doing!

Dion Katemis

 Bought a 3 inch kit 7 years ago. Been around Australia did the Gibb river road including Mitchell falls. Done the Flinders and most of the High Country. Been to Fraser Island a few times. Towed Boats and trailers.

Still have the same Dobinsons kit in. I was hoping it would wear out so i could get a 4 inch kit but it just keeps giving me trouble free 4wdriving.

Thanks Dobinsons and thanks Martin and Bob always being happy to answer and questions on future purchases. 

Steve Vella

 I put a Dobinsons 2.5 inch suspension lift with remote reservoirs shocks on my 2013 hilux a few months ago.

Have given it a good run over Xmas break on all types of tracks, some pretty full on and I'm really happy with how it performs.

The guys at dobinsons were awesome to deal with and very helpful and patient. I must have called them 7 or so times with different questions before I bought the gear, then another 10 times while I was fitting it and after it was fitted and in the end I got a few things wrong and they sorted it all out for me in there shop.

Massive thanks to Martin and Bob and the whole team at Smeaton Grange! 

Mal Winter

 I had defective bullbar for my Amarok from this firm! Called them and replaced with no fuss! 3 years later nudged few On road and still good. Will always recommend them.

Brendale team are awesome!! 

John Ole Keko

  Quick turn around. Definitely will be a repeat customer. 

Stephen King

  A wealth of knowledge and great customer service. Very happy 

Malcolm Rennie

  Martin and the team at dobinsons are great , I got a 3 inch lift a few years ago , still going strong no sag , nice ride, best suspension I ever had , and it gets a rough time with me most weekends.

Thanks guys , recommend to anybody thinking about getting there gear 

Michael Waldron

  The guys at Dobinson Sydney are fantastic. They went over and beyond to help out. I was running late due to traffic and the guys stayed open for an extra hour on a Friday afternoon to finish the job.

I will be recommending Dobinson Sydney to everybody. 

David Haslett

Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies.