Dobinsons race ready hydraulic bump stops combine an off-road racing inspired triple seal design, a 3mm thick EDP coated steel body and includes interchangeable Rubber or Nylon rod ends to provide smooth, quiet, improved bottom out control during the harshest impacts with the ultimate in quality and longevity. The fully rebuildable and tunable shimmed CNC piston design allows a smooth initial impact with a progressive, velocity-sensitive increase in compression resistance to absorb impacts at the limits of suspension travel, whilst providing rebound damping to slow the bump stop rebound speed and reduce bucking and uncontrolled rebound associated with regular bump stops.

Dobinsons latest high output Air Compressor has been designed and tested in Australia to combine high volume air-flow for quick tyre inflation as well an integrated air tank, pressure cut-off switch and auxiliary ports for a variety of different applications.

Dobinsons Spring and Suspension now have in stock suspension Lift kits and Components available for the latest generation Ford Ranger PX-3. Following a revision from Ford there have been some major alterations in the chassis and suspension design, along with a few other small cosmetic changes to further improve the Ranger platform and to allow the platform to be more widely used worldwide.

Following the September release of the updated Toyota Hilux Revo, small refinements were made to the existing Hilux which include bumper and body changes which required updated bullbar models to suit. Dobinsons now have available winch compatible Classic Black, Classic Black Deluxe and Stainless Loop Deluxe bullbars to suit these updated models along with Side Steps and Side Rails, Snorkels and Suspension Kits. Call us today for pricing and availability.