Catalogue Revision - 23-04-2020


DateCatalogueVehicle CodePositionSectionAlterationRevision
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionFORD-71FrontShock AbsorberAdded part IMS19-50094APR20 Rev 2
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionTOY-75FrontShock AbsorberAdded part IMS59-60782APR20 Rev 1
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionTOY-75RearShock AbsorberAdded part IMS59-60682APR20 Rev 1
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionTOY-94FrontShock AbsorberAdded part IMS59-50700APR20 Rev 5
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionTOY-94FrontShock AbsorberAdded part IMS59-50701APR20 Rev 5
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionTOY-96FrontShock AbsorberRemoved part GS59-688APR20 Rev 7
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionVOLK-51FrontCoil SpringRemoved category 'TDI400 Cab Chassis & Utility'APR20 Rev 2
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionVOLK-51FrontCoil SpringChanged category 'TDI400/420 Dual Cab, TDI400/420 Dual Cab Chassis, TDI400/420 All Trendline Models' to '4 cyl Turbo Diesel'APR20 Rev 2
23/04/20204x4 SuspensionVOLK-51FrontCoil SpringChanged category 'TDI400/420 All Highline, Core & Ultimate Models and All V6 Turbo Diesel Variants' to 'V6 Turbo Diesel'APR20 Rev 2