Ford Ranger PX / T6 MK1 & 2


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Dobinsons R&D has increased the front travel by approx. 25% to allow for better handling and control on off-road tracks. For a more level look, choose the higher option in the front with a lower option in the rear. If you are doing general work and weekend off-road tracks, then the big bore Nitro-Gas Twin Tubes are a great choice. If you do more off-road work and looking to go touring on corrugated roads, then the 50mm bore Internal Monotube Shock (IMS) are the go. These shocks allow for height adjustment in the front of your vehicle. If you want the best, then go with the Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) shocks. With the same features as the IMS, these shocks also have more travel and more oil, which will keep the shocks cooler and resist shock 'fade' in hot, hard conditions.

1  x  - C19-422 (Sold as PAIR)
2  x  - GS19-092 (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - GS19-081T (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - L19-132-R (Sold as EACH)
1  x  - WA19-526K (Sold as EACH)
1  x  - PB19-1104K (Sold as KIT)
2  x  - UB21-466K (Sold as KIT)
2  x  - SK19-058 (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - SP59-060 (Sold as EACH)