Toyota Hilux Revo - KUN/GGN/GUN 125, KUN/GUN 126, GUN13
2015 on

4x4, , 75mm Lift (3”)

YEAR: 2015 on


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3" Lift Kit

3" Front, 2" Rear Levelling Kit


75mm Lift - 50-100Kg
50mm Lift - Up to 60Kg Constant Load (2 + 1 Leaves Parabolic)
75mm Lift - Up to 60Kg Constant Load (2 + 1 Leaves Parabolic)
Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) - 3-Way Adjustable+$502


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1  x  - C59-350 (Sold as PAIR)
2  x  - IMS59-50574 (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - IMS59-50229 (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - L59-179-RP (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - UB59-437K (Sold as KIT)
2  x  - SP59-060 (Sold as EACH)
2  x  - SK59-064 (Sold as EACH)
1  x  - DD59-538K (Sold as KIT)
1  x  - PB59-1094K (Sold as KIT)
1  x  - CV59-554K (Sold as KIT)
1  x  - UCA59-003K (Sold as KIT)